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Homefront: The Revolution - XB1/PS4/PC - 2016
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Oyun hakkında çok fazla bilgi yok. Yapımcı Crytek, yayıncı ise Deep Silver olacak. Bu arada oyun açık dünya oacak ve co-op desteği yer alacak.

Continuing four years after the events featured in THQ's 2011 shooter, Homefront: The Revolution from developer Crytek UK features open-world guerrilla combat on the streets of Philadelphia.

Rumors of a resistance are true. Crytek's sequel to the 2011 shooter Homefront from developer Kaos Studios has been officially announced. Co-published by Crytek and Deep Silver, Homefront: The Revolution is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in 2015.

Taking place four years into the occupation of the US by Korean forces – as portrayed in the original game – Homefront: The Revolution follows a new set of characters as they battle for freedom throughout the war-torn streets of Philadelphia.

By recruiting resistance fighters and using guerrilla tactics in an open-world environment, players can terrorize KPA troops and attempt to gain the upper hand either alone or along with friends in online co-op.

Crytek had originally been developing the sequel for THQ, prior to the publisher dissolving. When the publisher's properties were sold, Crytek purchased the franchise to preserve the work its team had put into the title. The Homefront sequel is in development at Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical.

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